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PEAK Software Solutions joins Pangea as a top 7% software engineering company

We are thrilled to announce that PEAK has successfully verified as a Pangea vendor. This means that we are joining the elite club of top 7% software engineering vendors - indication that we're doing things right!
PEAK is committed to transparency with our Pangea profile, which will provide you access into the inner workings of an innovative organization we are building. We want to be an organization that you can count on for guidance and support, which is why we're building Pangea detailed profile page. It'll provide all the information about who we are as well as how others might work with us in order to achieve success together!

The path to a truly elite vendor community

PEAK is a company that was founded on knowledge, exceptional engineering, integrity and customer satisfaction from the moment it started. We maintain this tradition today and never wavering in our quest for perfection. We are proud to say that our commitment and dedication has allowed us not only grow from a few people in the beginning, but also provide services for companies ranging across all industries. From small businesses with limited needs, up through enterprise level projects in logistics, ehealth, agriculture and fintech.

As we continue to grow and expand our partner network, it became clear that Pangea would be an ideal choice for us, given their track record in business development with other enterprises and vendors. With the Pangea thorough verification process, we learned about our company's position on the market and what makes us strong. We also pinpointed some areas where improvement could be made to ensure continued success in this competitive environment.

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PEAK Software Solutions gets listed as proud PANGEA vendor

What did we find out?

After the verification process was finished, there were some interesting insights. Pangea overall score consists of two metrics: client score and team health score. Client score measures expertise, client satisfaction, business and process maturity while team score gives feedback about company and team heartbeat.

After Pangea audit we got amazing results with 9.4/10 for client score and 9.0/10 for team health score. Having in mind that the average Pangea client score is 8.6 and average team health score is 8.2 these results made a big impression on us.
Our final overall score was 9.2/10 and as a reference the average Pangea score in the community is 8.4 We're immensely proud of the fact that our clients can always count on us for high-quality work and personal support and internally we're thrilled to be part of this achievement and know that employees love their jobs. It's an amazing feeling when you see all the hard work pay off in a big way!

There's something about the process that really brings out teamwork. From submitting our application to verification day, each step had its own reminder of how important it is to have excellent team culture, communication and people willing to achieve same goals.
Alex, eCommerce Engineering Specialist

Our next move?

In a world where it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd, we believe that one way of doing so would be through creativity. Our mission has always been innovation, innovation in everything we do - both internally as well externally with our customers; this includes finding new ways for them to get their message across or simply exploring different markets they might have not even known existed before!
We are committed to providing innovative, immersive experiences that propel the world's leading brands into new frontiers. Our mission has always been about pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities - so much more than just creating products or services for companies in different industries.

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