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    When it comes to digital payment solutions, PEAK is your one-stop shop. We offer unique and innovative products for a variety of industries including retail, mobile phone providers, gaming and lottery vendors.

    Leveraging all our resources, we will find a payment solution that meets your specific needs. This level of dedication and innovation is the reason why we create payment solutions for the world's most renown companies in a growing list of industries.

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    Gaming and eSports

    Blockchain and NFTs offer a unique opportunity to develop an entirely new kind of marketplace for gamers. We provide white label solutions that allow you to start your own gaming platform with our in-house tools, all at the affordable cost.

    We believe that the future of gaming is based on three values: decentralization, opportunity and interdependence. This will ensure any related activities are fairly compensated, publishers' games effectively marketed and favourable development environments offered to indie developers.

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    Our leading product portfolio includes innovative niche solutions in connected healthcare, medical imaging, emergency and acute care, medication management for patients on chronic therapies like diabetes.

    We believe in our mission of delivering clinically relevant and economically valuable innovations to enhance the quality of life for patients and improve clinical outcomes.

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    PEAK helps transportation companies, logistics service providers, and geospatial data providers create cross-domain solutions to better serve their customers or optimize warehouse and logistics processes.

    PEAK gives the supply chain industry access to more efficient algorithms, allowing them to make better use of their workforce and reduce disruptions in forecasted demand. These advanced modeling techniques help companies predict future changes accurately during COVID19 pandemic.

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    Our precision agriculture technology solutions and products can help farmers become more efficient by providing soil mapping, remote sensing, livestock management, produce quality surveying and integration of GPS or drone tracking.

    We are trying to improve pest management decisions by making crop and produce diagnosis more accurate, selection of chemicals error-free, and application assisted with personalized instructions.