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  • Software Engineering

    The systems we build are typically not customized off-the-shelf products, but are tailor made and specific. They satisfy particular customer’s needs that cannot be met by available commercial products, usually having a certain component of challenge or complexity such as large data volume or complex business need.

    We offer professional software solutions, helping our customers to create value through innovative use of IT. We’ve trained professionals that support the customer throughout the entire development life cycle—from conceptualization and design all the way to implementation.

    PEAK has helped businesses reengineer business processes in order optimize end-user productivity for increased return on investment (ROI). Our team is ready with industry knowledge spanning across different sectors so they can provide flexible strategies according to each client's needs.

  • Data Science

    Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are used to enhance the capabilities of business-driven software. Our team uses their expertise in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms to optimize customer experience for businesses/companies aimed at improving operational intelligence or increasing product quality

    Discover how utilizing data science can help your business. Invest in this technology to turn your information into valuable insights that will increase profits and make informed decisions with ease.

    Our incremental approach is consisted of following steps:

    • Consulting
    • Analysis and preparation
    • Modeling and training
    • Evaluation
    • Adjustments
    • Integration
    • Deployment

  • Quality Assurance

    We’re not just about testing your software. At PEAK, we like to get personal with our clients and build meaningful relationships through understanding what matters most to you in terms of meeting business goals or objectives that are important for success!

    We believe that a personal, customer-focused experience is what makes the difference. Therefore we get to know your business goals and objectives so that you can be completely satisfied with our software QA service through every step of testing process.

    Our fullservice QA approach is covering:

    • Web and mobile application testing
    • Desktop application testing
    • IoT and wearables testing
    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing
    • QA Auditing and Consulting
    • Testing documentation

  • Product Development

    Whether we start a new project or take over the development of an existing solution, we always use new methodologies and paradigms in programming.

    Our focus is on delivering high-performance digital products built for scalability and growth. Our systems are used in a variety of domains, including but not limited to:

    • Web and mobile application development
    • Artificial Intelligence implementation
    • Neural network systems
    • Blockchain-based solutions
    • Data harvesting, processing and visualization
    • Healthcare
    • Logistics

  • Consultancy

    Our consultants can work with you from idea to design, testing, and production. Or we can only help you meet a challenge or to achieve a project benchmark. We'll take an approach designed to get the best results for you. And we'll be there for you later when you're ready to move on to next stage.

    We can assign a single, expert consultant-developer or well-rounded team to deliver your project on time and to specification. We offer custom systems design and software engineering consultants to industrial, corporate, NGO and scientific clients. Our strong portfolio includes web and mobile systems, data acquisition and analysis, instrument control, industrial and manufacturing applications, and more.